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Title: My Passions
Post by: Ambrossia on August 10, 2012, 04:17:46 am
Hobbies: Playing Music, Listening to Music, Writing Music, Yoga/Meditation, Cooking, Games of all kinds, Writing Poetry, Writing short stories (thinking about taking a stab at novels lol), Reading and Family (as in making family trees and exploring ancestry)

However, I do love other stuff, if I could ever do them.. such as swimming, frisbee, volleyball, shooting pool, darts and camping/fishing

I use to collect non-sports cards and sports cards.. got a bit expensive, bet I have at least 5k worth of cards lol a lot of good collectors
I have my own darts and pool cue.. just don't get out much, can't stand for long without severe pain

Some of my minor achievements include: Award winning poetry & published, winning a few creative writing contests, playing backup guitar for a few bands & recorded, stunning professors as well as doctors, captain of a volleyball and swim team, cheating death more than once and saving people as well as guiding people on a better path (their words, not mine)

Major Achievement: Raising my son into a wonderful person (he really is amazing lol can't take all the credit though)

*reads what was written* lmao.. what was the subject again? I'll have to find the "Tell us about yourself" board and load my biography *falls over laughing*